Community belongs in the driver’s seat

Redesigning the gig economy

Build it! Own it!

You deserve to own the community that you help us build.

Bullshit free

  • No commission.
  • transparent pricing model.

The service becomes cheaper for the user while the worker earns more

We are building our pricing model on the blockchain to enhance transparency and guarantee fair play.

Referral NFT

Refer a driver or a user and earn every time they use the platform.

Receive a unique NFT when you refer a friend, this NFT automatically pays you every time they use the platform. For the first time ever, we are able to use NFT’s to track and reward you for the network you help us build. Turn up! Build your empire. Let your network make money for you.

Nomad native tokens

Nomad tokens are used for payments and governance across the platform.

User NFT’s

Receive a unique NFT every time you use or provide services on the platform. Collect these and NFT’s to propose changes or new features to the platform. These NFT’s are non transferable and are provided only to platform users.

Community governance

The User NFT’s exclusive to the platform users can be used to propose changes or request new features to the platform. The user NFT allows us to limit proposing abilities to platform users.

Token holders can vote on all proposals, a staked token pool has a higher weighted vote.


Nomad native token & NFT’s.

300,000 rides processed in the short span after launch